Parasite Prevention

Parasites are everywhere in our environment, and many have unique life cycles that allow them to flourish under extraordinary circumstances. The most problematic pet parasites in Canada include fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, and heartworms, whose effects can range from nuisance itching and hair loss to allergic reactions, serious disease transmission, blood loss, weight loss, heart failure, or death. 

We can treat most parasites that we discover on examination, or through routine blood and fecal testing, but treatment is generally more difficult and expensive than prevention. Parasite preventives have evolved and now offer more effective, longer-lasting products that use a variety of delivery methods. Our team will work with you to find the best products to keep your pet healthy and parasite-free.


If your pet becomes lost without identification, research shows the chances of their return are pretty dismal. Collars and tags are sometimes effective, but they can be damaged, fall off, or intentionally break away for your pet’s safety. Microchipping is an easy, inexpensive method of permanent identification for your pet to increase your chances of a successful reunion. The microchip is a tiny device—about the size of a rice grain—implanted under your pet’s skin during a routine outpatient visit. An animal hospital or shelter can scan your pet’s microchip, which is linked to your contact information, when your pet is found. We recommend microchipping all pets to help prevent the devastation of losing your beloved companion.